How to Choose the Best Pajamas for Kids of All Ages

How to Choose the Best Pajamas for Kids of All Ages

Mar 19th 2020

Adults love their beauty sleep, but babies love it even more. What some mothers don’t know is that the type of sleepwear a baby sleeps in can affect the quality of sleep that your baby gets. For some who are aware of the impact of sleepwear on sleep quality, they are faced with the challenge of not knowing what the right pajamas for their rapidly-growing toddlers are.

Luckily, pajamas come in different styles and sizes, which make it easy for parents to find the best type for their children. The following are the types of pajamas that you are most likely to come across when shopping for the best pajamas for your kids:

  • Bodysuits or onesies

These are one-piece pajamas that cover the whole body of your baby starting from the shoulders. The front side and the backside of the pajamas clamp between the baby’s legs, leaving legs bare. They can have either short or long sleeves. They are perfect for warmer climates and are convenient for quick diaper changes.

  • Wearable blankets or sleep bags/sacks

These are one-piece pajamas that offer a great alternative to covering your baby with a blanket. These wearable blankets are designed to go over like a dress but are clamped all around the legs so that your baby’s legs remain covered. These types of pajamas come in handy during chilly weather as they keep the baby fully covered. They are also convenient for diaper changes.

  • Footie sleepers

Also called coveralls or footie pajamas, footie sleepers are one-piece pajamas that cover the baby from the shoulders to the feet. Since they keep the baby completely covered, they are ideal for cold climates and cold weather. The best footie pajamas that are designed to get on and off without a hassle.

  • Footless sleepers

Also referred to as jumpsuits or rompers, footless sleepers are also one-piece pajamas that look pretty much like footie sleepers except for one thing – they do not cover the feet. They can have either short or long sleeves.

  • Two-piece pajamas

These are pajamas that feature a separate top and a matching bottom. These types of pajamas are best for older kids.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Pajamas for your Baby

When shopping for your toddler’s pajamas, there are certain aspects that you should pay extra attention to. They include:

1. Consider the size

The law requires pajama-making companies to meet specific anti-flammability requirements when making their pajamas to lower the risk of injuries during fires. One of these requirements is that they should not exceed the maximum dimensions specified in the regulations for different parts of the body.

2. Consider your kid’s age

Your child’s age is another important factor of consideration when determining what the best pajamas for your young one are. For infants or babies in zero to six-month sizes, sleep gowns and baby footie sleepers are the most ideal as they cover the baby completely. When choosing footie sleepers, be sure to choose pajamas that are designed to make diaper changes a breeze.

For toddlers who are learning to walk, the best choice would be footless sleepers, also called jumpsuits, coveralls, or rompers. What makes footless sleepers ideal this age group is the fact that they allow babies to walk bare feet. A child has more stability on smooth floors when walking bare feet than when wearing socks.

As your child gets older and can dress without assistance, it is time to ditch the one-piece pajamas and opt for two-piece pajamas. Two-piece sleepers are similar to traditional kids’ pajamas with a separate top and pants. Be sure to choose easy-to-wear and easy-to-take-off pajamas. Two-piece pajamas are ideal for kids who are potty training.

3. Consider the material

Pajamas, both kids’ pajamas, and adults’ pajamas, are made from different types of materials or fibers. There are pajamas made using synthetic materials, such as nylon and polyester, and there are pajamas that are made using natural materials, such as cotton and wool.

The reason why you should consider the material used to make the pajama’s fabric is that different types of materials offer different levels of comfort. In comparison, pajamas made using natural fibers are generally considered to be more comfortable than their synthetic counterparts.

Of all the materials used to make pajamas, organic cotton is considered the healthiest option. The following are properties of organic cotton that make pajamas made out of the material the best option for kids of all ages:

  • They are chemical-free
  • They are moisture-absorbent
  • They are gentle on the skin
  • They are breathable
  • They are hypoallergic

Choosing the best pajamas for your kid(s) can mean the difference between quality sleep and restless sleep for both you and the little one. Be sure to buy high-quality pajamas made from safe fabrics, and in this case, organic cotton pajamas.

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