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Trim a Tree Plant a Tree Baby Hat

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We invite you to start a new holiday tradition in our eco-conscious Trim a Tree, Plant a Tree holiday print. This adorable hat is perfect for Baby's First Holiday photos or taking a just-for-fun winter road trip, all while enjoying the winter air and rich pine scent.

Tis the season! Join Pajamas for Peace in giving back to the planet: in addition to our Buy One, Give One program, we're donating a portion of proceeds from every "Trim a Tree, Plant a Tree" PJ sold to and their Plant Trees initiative. For every dollar donated, a tree will be planted in a priority threatened forest. Let's make it a very happy holiday for every family, and Mother Earth, too.

Our "Trim a Tree, Plant a Tree" is the first style to launch in the Pajamas for Peace PRINTS IN ACTION capsule. More to come!

  • 100% Pima Cotton
    • Pima cotton is known as the world’s softest cotton.
    • Peruvian pima cotton is smooth, softer and more durable
    • Environmentally friendly using natural fibers (better than rayon, bamboo and other synthetic materials)
    • Pima cotton will never pill and will stay forever soft.
    • More absorbent than other cottons
  • Made in Peru
  • Machine Washable
  • Not flame resistant
  • Follow care instructions below:
    • Machine wash in warm or cool water (cool water is best), on delicate cycle.
    • Never use chlorine bleach.
    • Hang to dry or dry flat (lay horizontally for drying) for best care
    • Machine dry using moderate-to-low heat.
    • High heat can cause cotton fibers to shrink.

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Ideal for children and adults

with sensitive skin

Harvested with Care

Harvested with Care

Environmentally friendly:

hand-harvested results

in brilliant white fibers that

dye beautifully and

are free from scratchy impurities

High Quality

High Quality

Whether it's our pima cotton,

organic cotton, or

100% cotton, our products

are durable, super soft,

and hand-me-downable

Snug Fit

Snug Fit

Safe for Children:

snug, tight fitting garments

are less likely to catch fire;

garment not flame resistant



Our sensory-friendly

pajamas are tagless

and breathable

Parrent Approved

Parent Approved

Our products, as well as

our mission, have been

approved by parents from

all walks of life