5 Ways Pajamas Can Improve Your Sleep and Health

5 Ways Pajamas Can Improve Your Sleep and Health

Jan 13th 2020

A recent report by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 50 to 70 million American adults suffer from sleep and wakefulness syndrome. It is even more alarming when children don’t sleep soundly at night. Dr Jodi Mindell from the Sleep Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia approximates that 20 to 30% of children experience sleep problems. Sleep is the first thing to go when you feel pressed for time. Unfortunately, most of us view sleep as a luxury and believe that spending less sleep is more beneficial. However, there are long-term health consequences of insufficient or poor quality sleep. Ultimately, these consequences can impact your time and overall productivity.

According to NCBI, the costs of poor quality sleep are unnoticeable, including medical conditions like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. While these conditions may develop over a long period of time due to factors like lack of exercise, genetics and poor nutrition, they are also linked to poor quality and insufficient sleep. Therefore, it goes without saying that a good night’s sleep is an important factor in our overall health and well-being. And so, it’s important that you put yourself and your loved ones at every advantage by getting a good rest every night. Although sleeping well isn’t a guarantee of good health, sleep helps in maintaining most of the vital functions.

Just like getting dressed for your daytime affairs, it’s also important that you dress right when going to bed every night, especially because what you wear makes a difference to sleep quality and your overall health.

How Pajamas Improve Sleep Quality and Health

Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t just involve eating right, exercising, and reducing stressful situations. It also means feeling good both in the inside and outside. While most of us think that being healthy entails life-changing habits, it can be as simple as just wearing the right pajamas to sleep. Pajamas can improve the quality of sleep by:

1. Barring your body against cold

Although some scientists recommend sleeping in the nude, pajamas have several benefits like keeping your body warm. Pajamas cover your legs completely and protect your legs from the cold throughout the night. While you may consider adding blankets during the cold winter season, having warm pajamas during the cold nights is more effective.

2. Prevent illnesses

Wearing pajamas at night lowers the risk of getting a cold or flu. In case you accidentally knock your blankets off while asleep, or your partner steals them, you will get a chill. In such a situation, you may not wake right away to cover your body. But if you have your pjs on, then you won’t have to worry about anyone robbing you of your warm blankets. If you’re uncovered in your sleep in a chilly room long enough, you will most likely get a cold.

3. Aid in hygiene

While a good night’s sleep helps you recharge for the next day’s activities, your skin also sheds the dead cells and renews itself. When you drift away to slumberland, your body sheds dead skin cells full of microorganisms at a vast rate. Although they may not be harmful, they may cause problems if they get into the wrong place. When you go to bed in your pajamas, most of the dead skin and bacteria will end up in your attire, and not on your bed sheets. Your sleepwear acts as a barrier between your body and bed sheets. Therefore, you need to wash your pajamas properly and regularly. According to Medical Daily, if you don’t wash your pajamas properly and regularly, you may be susceptible to cystitis, MRSA, and skin infections.

4. Comfort

In order to get a good night’s sleep, you need to feel comfortable before you go to sleep. Being comfortable in your sleep will help you get into a deep sleep quickly and stay there for a good amount of time without interruptions. You can get a nice pair of pajamas from the right material for your body skin. Consider these options when choosing the right material and fabric:

Lightweight cotton pajamas: These types of pajamas are made from a soft and breathable material, and they are the go-to option when sleeping in warmer temperatures. These pajamas are also ideal for kids as the fabric is soft, durable, and stretchy for easy movement.

Flannel pajamas: These pajamas are a great option for colder areas or during cold nights. You’ll enjoy the warm and thick fabric of your pajamas if your sleep requires an extra layer. These pajamas are also good for lounging around your home as you sip hot cocoa.

Silk: Silk pajamas are soft, strong, and well-insulated, which makes them warm, breathable, and effective in preventing overheating.

Knit: These pajamas are warm, soft, and cozy, which makes them a suitable option for the entire family. The knit fabric is stretchy, and your kids will love the flexibility of easy movement.

Supima cotton: This is the softest and coolest fabric for your pajamas. Pajamas from this material are lightweight, extra breathable, and smooth. These pajamas are suitable for warmer temperatures. Additionally, they’re form-fitting and make body-hugging jammies.

5. Style

While you don’t have to worry about how your pajamas look like as long as they’re comfortable, this scenario is only applicable if you sleep on your own. But if you have a special person who you want to impress, wearing appealing pajamas can give you some bonus points with your “love interests.”

Wrapping Up

If you are having trouble drifting to dreamland at night, there may be several reasons. However, one of the most likely cause is that you’re not wearing the right pajamas to bed. Ensure that the jammies you sleep in are made of good-quality fabrics - soft, breathable, and most importantly, comfortable between your sheets. Keep in mind that your pajamas directly affect the quality of your sleep. In fact, studies have proven that quality z’s make your brain sharper, boost your mood, make your heart healthier, steady your blood sugar, and aid in weight loss. For these reasons, get the right pajamas, and you will wake up healthy and relaxed every morning.