Celebrate International Day of Peace with Pajamas for Peace

Celebrate International Day of Peace with Pajamas for Peace

Sep 21st 2021

September 21 is a special day at Pajamas for Peace as we celebrate World Peace Day, also known as the International Day of Peace. Officially launched by the UN in 1981, we honor this day at Pajamas for Peace by designating this date as one of our delivery days. We pack up our pajamas donations and head over to our local partner shelter to give back and help those in need.

We're honored to be able to make a difference and we've rounded up some resources, ideas and suggested activities to help you celebrate the day with your family, too:

- Make Peace Cranes! This is a great activity that your kids will love!

- Practice mindfulness! Here's a handy guide from the UN site that offers simple tips.

- Take the Peace pledge!

- Observe a moment of silence at noon on September 21

- Listen to a peaceful and inspiring playlist!

- Donate food, clothing, toys or other goods - or your time! - to a local food bank, soup kitchen, giving table or other organization in your neighborhood.

This may be a global day, but big change starts out in our own small communities!