Let’s spread peace and kindness one pajama at a time

Posted by Chandinie Francis on May 31st 2019

We live in polarizing times – a time when poverty, war, terrorism, political and social conflicts, are constantly affecting our state of mind. Should we let it defeat us and leave us overwhelmed? Or, should we work towards steadily bringing about positive change, so the generations to come benefit from our actions?

Pajamas for Peace was a direct result of me wanting to bring about positive changes in the lives of my children and the lives we touch. I started out in 2012 with the intention of honoring the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary school, who lost their lives to school violence. My aim was to include my children in volunteering and community services, so they learn to spread kindness. We started clothing and food drives and organized donations for homeless shelters. I began to work with shelters and in classrooms to include children in the process of making pajama gift packages to donate. And I have continued doing so ever since.

When I started Pajamas for Peace, my aim was to include my children in activities that promoted peace and to teach them about community service. This experience has taught me to move forward each day with a renewed sense of hope for future generations and how important teaching the values of kindness and peace are in this process.

I learned that when we instill the values of kindness, inclusivity, service and peace in our children, we teach them to co-exist in harmony with others. Studies show – children who grow up in a nonviolent, caring and supportive environment, show great promise of mental, social and emotional growth and stability. They learn to communicate and resolve conflicts. And they take responsibility for building a peaceful, kind society, not just for themselves, but for their family and community at large.

It’s never been more important to unite together and educate our children on the importance of not just making peace with one another, but keeping it. And Pajamas for Peace exists to do just that. It celebrates children and the convergence of their consciousness and creativity to build a better, more peaceful world for everyone. And It’s my sincere hope that it will serve as a platform to promote a message of peace and altruism.

My aim is to provide resources to shelters and agencies that empower children and families, while raising awareness of issues surrounding poverty, homelessness and violence. And I invite you to join our cause . For every Pajama you buy, we donate one. Let’s teach our children that peace is not simply the absence of armed, violent conflict. It’s also a state of mind that requires openness, tolerance, diversity, and inclusion. Together, we can empower our children and with pajamas that are eco-friendly and made with 100% cotton, we will bring comfort and hope to many others.